Kosuke Tada is a San Francisco-based chef who specializes in French cuisine. Kosuke's understanding of flavors and technique is shaped by years of work in France and Japan and apprenticeships across Europe. His cuisine is made distinct by his resolute attention to detail, his commitment to elucidating each region's terroir, and his conviction in simplicity.

Kosuke received his formal training at Tsuji Culinary Institute in Osaka, Japan. He worked in French restaurants in Osaka, Kobe, and Tokyo, motivating his move to France. Based primarily in Paris, Kosuke's restaurant experience there spanned from three-star Michelin restaurants in Provence to casual bistros in Paris. Several years were spent working alongside Chef David Toutain, whose dedication and passion for his work now influences Kosuke's own.

Kosuke's devotion to understanding the flavors of place has inspired many journeys throughout Europe. He has worked as a pastry chef and a baker, apprenticed in butchery and pasta-making, and in restaurants throughout Italy and Scandinavia.  He has collaborated with chefs across France from the Loire Valley and Brittany to Alsace and Savoie. Wherever he cooks, Kosuke's search for the best products takes him to the farms and vineyards local to the region in order to find and elucidate the best qualities of the land.